Hi,Thank you for considering Barbara Parker Designs.Each piece that I make is unique and one of a kind.Every design is a labor of love,in fact I feel like I'm in love when I'm designing,making and fine tuning each lovely piece.They are works of art.There are many steps involved,sometimes it takes months just to find the right little gem,clasp and centerpiece,even years!Because most of my work is wire wrapped they are delicate and should be worn with care.The same goes for the strung necklaces,never tug at them or wear them during heavy exercise.I love color and sparkle.I have a good eye and love the stones.My work tends to be on the classical side,feminine and often floral motifs embellish the metals I use.Having a timeless look and appeal,as such never go out of style and can be passed down from generation to generation.What you buy today may become tomorrow's heirloom!Enjoy!


I take credit cards,PayPal & Etsy gift cards.My shipping is 1st class w/insurance.I DON'T TAKE RETURNS,so choose wisely.If you need a different type of shipping let me know,it can be arranged,but if it exceeds the shipping price already included,You will need to send me the balance before I ship it out to you.This can easily be done through PayPal.


LOOK ABOVE.I just typed it all out in the Payment Policy section


No Reunds,unless the sale is canceled within 24 hr. of purchase and before it is shipped right .

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